Life Coaching at Dahlonega Healing Arts, L.L.C.

What do you really want?
How do you get it?
Are you complacent?
Are you seeking something?
Are you living in truth?

Beginning May 2019, Dahlonega Healing Arts brings Life Coaching to its offerings. A recent graduate of the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, Penny Kalish brings this unique, custom-fit program to North Georgia. With over thirty-five years of client healing experiences and as the founder of Dahlonega Healing Arts, Penny brings a kind, directed, compassionate approach to her guidance. A specific life coaching plan is designed to help you tap into your innate value and skill. Sometimes it helps us reach goals to have someone who can help us identify and work through potential roadblocks to our own success. A good coach can help encourage us to tap into a story that supports us, instead of the story that consists of what others expect of us.

People do not always innately know what they want or how to get it. This process involves more than our work lives, or working our life’s purpose; it is about allowing a life coach to encourage us to strike our own unique balance in relationships, home life, work life, fitness, and any areas of our lives that need balance in functionality. A life coach helps create a sense of clarity about whether or not we are living in truth. With so much external stimuli in the world, we often ignore or tune out our own voice. Life Coaching is about listening to our own internal voice and following through.

Life Coaching brings to life what has been dormant in us. When we find our value, we can then pass it along to others, to help them feel valuable. There is a connection that is made between people. When we can make connections, we can bring encouragement to each other. Often times, people are seeking something for themselves. When we can nurture ourselves to listen to what we need, and truly face our life’s purpose and accept ourselves, we then are able to offer genuine love, support, and friendship in the name of living authentically with integrity.

“The very first step, and perhaps the hardest, is developing an unconditional friendship with oneself.”  Pema Chodron

Modalities on this journey can include, but will not be limited to:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation/Quiet Time
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Personal Value Inventory
  • Strength Through Discipline-self-discipline
  • Accountability Exercises-being accountable to ourselves, through the encouragement of a coach
  • Making Connections

Please call to make your appointment to discuss our program and our offerings.

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