Demystifying Hypnosis

What is hypnosis? Most people’s exposure to hypnosis is limited. They have either seen a movie where
someone committed a horrible crime under a hypnotic spell, or a stage show where people stand on chairs
and bark like dogs while hypnotized. In either scenario, the person under hypnosis seems to be a
victim unable to remember doing anything heinous or humiliating.

The truth is, while under hypnosis, you will hear and remember everything. You cannot be made to do things
that you consider morally wrong. Nor can you be forced to disclose private information. Hypnosis works
because your body simply does what the mind tells it to do. Think of how many times you have read a book
and found yourself crying, laughing or even sweating when the only action that was happening was in your
head. It is our ability to imagine that allows us to change our lives by changing our thoughts.

Hypnosis, which is an altered state of mental awareness, is achieved through deep mental and physical relaxation. It is the most direct way to access the limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from reaching your goals!

Issues for Which Hypnosis is Effective…

Stress Reduction/Relaxation – Studies show that approximately 90% of illness today is stress related. 
By using the imagination, learn to relax at will, to recharge, to improve your health and quality of life.

Focus/Concentration – Making decisions, learning new skills and completing tasks, requires focus and
concentration.  Through hypnosis, learn to block out unwanted thoughts and get the job done.

Performance Enhancement/Confidence Building – Studies have shown that mental practice improves performance. By employing imagination become a better golfer,speaker or any other skill, and perform with greater confidence.

Smoking Cessation – In the United States, more than 430,000 people die of smoking related health issues a
year.  Become free of smoking, and live a healthier and more independent life.

Weight Reduction/Life Style Changes – Not a diet?  Do you lose 10 lbs. and gain back 20.  Break that cycle by changing your approach.  Use your imagination. Break old habits and live life with less weight and worry.

Pain Relief (note: written Dr.’s referral is required for pain relief) – Pain can change and even destroy quality of life. Hypnosis is a drug free way to manage, control or even eliminate pain from your life.

Fears/phobias – How many times have plans been changed because of your fear.  Fear of heights, flying or even the cat next door can keep you from the quality of life you desire. Walk through these problems using your imagination, and be free of them for ever.

Past Life Regression – For this process to work, it is irrelevant whether you believe in reincarnation or
not.  The process of past life regression works through your imagination.  Using the images brought
forward from your subconscious, you can learn hidden things about yourself that help improve your life in
the present day.

Spiritual Growth and Development –  The subconscious is the window to the soul.  Whether in prayer,
meditation or under hypnosis,  the potential benefits are the same.  This state allows you to speak directly
to your higher source and change your life.

Hypnosis can be effective with other issues as well. 
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